Finkbeiner. Gift articles and wooden decorative items. Handcrafted!

Finkbeiner items are handcrafted treasures made of wood. Each piece is unique. Wood is a living material. Growing for decades, it enthrals with the variety of colours and individual grain. Adhesions and branches are typical characteristics that highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Hair cracks in the natural surface are unavoidable and emphasise the unique touch of each product. Some items are treated with an organic oil coating (boiled linseed oil) to protect against environmental influences and to enhance the surface. At Finkbeiner choose from a a variety of wonderful, handcrafted gift articles.

Quality and craftsmanship. With Finkbeiner Hand in Hand. Unique items guaranteed.

Craftsmanship meets wood.

The processing of the unique raw material wood inspires us anew each time: An idea gives rise to a unique form with inimitable surface with the help of manual dexterity. No item resembles another.

Unique item with distinctive accent

Deciduous trees provide the raw material for our wooden articles. It is important to us that we utilise the entire tree, if possible, from the trunk to the branch. In addition to the modern milling and laser technologies, we particularly cherish and appreciate the traditional skill of our handpicked workshops. The natural accents along with the craftsmanship give rise to unique items with distinctive quality.

Responsibility for man and nature

Wood as a natural and renewable material is the basis of all articles made by us. In the production of all our items, we pay attention to safeguarding the strict environmental considerations.

We only use colours without chemical additives to enhance and protect our art and decorative items that are predominantly handcrafted. All natural products go through a gentle treatment with linseed oil. Even while packaging we take efforts to use natural materials and avoid using plastic or reusable material, wherever possible.

We manufacture exclusively in Europe and collaborate with workshops that fully comply with our standards of quality.